We invite you to join us on our journey, as we learn to care for this piece of country.

Rory and Linda both come from many generations of farmers and caring for and enjoying the land we live on is a privilege we have always had. Tanah Marah as a place and business is a totally new proposition for us though!

Sustainable Business

We started our journey having to learn all about the tourism and accommodation business, and working through the many behind the scene processes that we had previously known nothing about. We became Accredited with Quality Tourism Australia as a Sustainable Tourism Accredited Business with 4.5 star rating. We have engaged with a number of local professional individuals and organisations who have assisted us to start a new business in COVID!


At the same time, we undertook major refurbishment of the property, with excellent support and advice from local companies, businesses and contractors. The first step was to clear out the built up bush around buildings, which was a haven for feral pests, created a bushfire risk issue and posed a problem for drainage.

The water system was in need of an upgrade and we are lucky that a good supply of water of excellent quality was found in the paddock next to the chalets, this now operates with a solar pump.

The replacement of air conditioners, hot water systems and white goods was an unfortunate necessity but also an opportunity to install more energy efficient and user friendly systems. Verandahs and terraces at the chalets and function area were built or extended and created protected areas to enjoy being outside year round. Two extensive solar cell systems were added – to the chalets and to the Reception/Library area. We are hoping to extend these systems with battery back up, or possibly a hydro turbine system in the future.

We are committed to finding ways to make Tanah Marah – the place, and the business -sustainable at every level for our generation and those to come.


The impact of single use plastic was something we wanted to quickly minimise. Guest toiletries and cleaning products are from locally sourced, refillable bulk containers – locally produced where possible. We offer alternatives to guests who may be considering using disposable plastics during their stay. Containers for Change has been welcome option for us now that it has commenced in Margaret River. We are currently trialling use of two skip bins – for general and for co mingled recycling, as we were aware that we were making many trips by vehicle to the local waste transfer station. We are very keen to establish our chook and compost areas for guests, which is next on the garden and grounds agenda!

We value the connections we make to share with others and the opportunity to contribute to the local community as people and as a place.


On arriving at Tanah Marah we were well aware that we needed to get some advice about how to nurture and manage the natural assets of the property.

We approached the local traditional owners through the Undalup
Association and commenced what is an ongoing relationship conducting traditional cultural burning workshops, and sharing with us the relationships, history and impact of humans on the land.

Nature Conservation Margaret River was contacted and conducted an audit of the property, to help us understand the varied ecosystems, and to develop priorities for action.

We have engaged an Arborist to turn fallen trees into mulch or seating, and to deal with trees that are potential safety issues.

The issue of dealing with feral pests is problematic and ongoing. Foxes abound, as do rabbits and rodents. Finding ways of managing their impact in ways that don’t cause issues for native fauna and domestic animals is something we share with the rest of the community.

The Local Touch

There are amazing people and businesses in the Margaret River area and the south west region that value delivering a high level of product or service in sustainable and environmentally respectful ways, and we enjoy opportunities to partner with them or use their products. We are happy to make recommendations to guests, and find many guests seek out the products we stock in the chalets to purchase for home.


A popular addition to our fleet is our electric buggy. Many guests and brides have enjoyed being driven around the property in great style! We also have a couple of electric bikes that are a great way for our staff to get around.

The Guest Experience

We love sharing the property and our knowledge with guests.
Our property map is a great way to explore the property, and shows various trails and walkways leading through bush and forest, and following waterways. Rustic seating or old logs invite you to sit and be still.

Guests can go for a guided experience a buggy tour, or a ramble around the property with Rory is the way to go. We have arranged food experiences in the forest and bush, and for an immersive indulgence, guests can book the Tanah Marah Experience. This features a picnic of local and home made food, a walking tour of some of our favourite spots as well as an activity such as catching marron (which may feature on the menu!).

We have a range of books on topics such as Aboriginal culture and history, walks and activities within the region, the local flora, fauna, birdlife and geography which are available in the Tanah Marah library for use of guests as well as ourselves.

We are passionate about continuing to make Tanah Marah a sustainable property, for both home and holiday, while making sure our guests experience a connection to our beautiful part of the Margaret River Region. We’re proud to offer a sustainable accommodation choice without compromising on comfort and luxury.

If you’d like to find out more about Tanah Marah or book a stay with us, you can click the button below to get in touch.

Tanah Marah Lakeside Rammed Earth Chalets in Margaret River
Electric Golf Cart at Tanah Marah Eco-Friendly Accommodation
Book Tanah Marah for your event
The bush surrounding the Tanah Marah Lake, with a glimpse of the chalets in the background and the lake’s island to the left. Take in the scenery at the most popular wheelchair accessible accommodation in the Margaret River Region.



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