Explore the wilderness that is the Tanah Marah backyard.

Reignite your inner child and create new family traditions.

Feel the sunlight filter through tall karri trees, hear the creek winding through the forest and under the bridge below you.

Take in the view of the lake, inhaling the scent of rosemary.

Enjoy the time to create family memories, sharing stories and taking in the moments that make up your Tanah Marah experience.

Slow down and take time to relax in the comfort of your spacious, rammed earth chalet.

Borrow books and games from our library.

Keep close and warm and enjoy the view.

Picnic by the lake on delicious treats, sourced locally.

Watch the sun rise and set, misty mornings and golden afternoons.

Time to connect with those you love.

Explore and play together.

Walk through forests of Karri, Marri and Jarrah; ambling along and examining strange toadstools, the softest moss, blossoms and tall trees.

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Bramley WA 6285

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