Gather your loved ones.

Birthday. Family Reunion. Getaway with those special few.

Enjoy the comforts of your well equipped two bedroom chalet.

Get together in the lakeside function room.

Enjoy shared meals prepared together.

Indulge in a feast prepared by a local chef.

Share your vows by the lake, under the peppermint trees.

Explore our unique ceremony sites.

Have your special day photographed on 340 acres of picturesque Karri, Marri and Jarrah forest.

Plan your own special event.

Take a few days away from the everyday for a retreat, a cooking class, yoga, a small conference.

Make the space your own.

A long, indulgent picnic outdoors.

Rug up by a campfire in winter, or enjoy warm days under shady trees in summer.

So much space to explore and enjoy.

A balmy night under the stars.

Dancing, conversing, amazing food and drinks.

Surrounded by the laughs and smiles of those closest to you.

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