Enjoy drinks on your private terrace watching the bird life on the lake in the last golden light of day.

Hunt and gather during the day, treating yourselves with amazing local produce.

Create precious time to disconnect from everyday routines and concerns.

Bathe in nature. All you hear is running water, bird life and frogs.

Breathe in the fresh air, perfumed with notes of eucalypts.

Take in the smells of the forest slowly breaking down and returning to the earth.

Enjoy your relaxed luxury of space. The whole day stretches out before you.

Stylish two bedroom chalets, thoughtfully set up with all you need.

Take your time to leave your luxurious bed.

Kayak or row on the lake. Swim in summer.

Warm yourself at your fire pit on a winter’s night.

Run or stroll along peppermint tree laced tracks.

A session in the gym with the promise of a cold local beer or wine at the end.

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