Drone Wars Margaret River is a weekend of fun and challenges for drone pilots of all skill levels. It’s all about coming together for the enjoyment of flying, and to learn from each other.

Initially we set a date of 11-13 September for our first Drone Wars event, however we had to shelve that due to prohibitively high insurance costs. We’re still investigating options and we’re keen to hear from drone pilots and/or organisations who might have some insight into the insurance question.

We want to welcome all kinds of drones and all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

Tanah Marah is a stunning property with plenty of open space around a gorgeous lake, absolutely perfect for a drone event.

What we’ll do

We’re not setting too many things in concrete for Drone Wars and we’re open to suggestions if you have good ideas.

We have some flying challenges in mind for both novice and experienced flyers, but the final schedule would depend on which drones are coming, and the accompanying skill level of the pilots.

We’re visualising individual and team challenges, a demonstration of mad skills, convivial shared moments, a screening of ‘one-day edits’, prizes and general shenanigans.


At this stage Drone Wars participation is reserved for our chalet guests. In the future we may open it up to others as well.

There are six self-contained chalets onsite, each with two bedrooms.

The bedrooms can be configured with a king sized bed or two singles, however for the Drone Wars event we would offer the additional option of three singles in a room.

That means one chalet can accommodate up to 6 people, though 4 would be more comfortable.

It’s preferable for you to organise your own chalet, however we’re happy to help match you up with new friends if you don’t know anyone to take the other room.


The chalets are self-contained with a full kitchen so you can do your own cooking if you wish.

There are also plenty of take away options in Margaret River and many are happy to deliver to Tanah Marah.

We’ll provide coffee and tea.

$300 for Best One Day edit

We’ll offer $300 for the best ‘one-day edit’ as chosen by us, with a couple of provisos:

1. That you’re happy for us to use your edit on our social media and on our website etc.
2. That we’re happy with the quality of the edit, in other words that we want to use it. If we don’t receive a submission of high quality, we will neither award the prize nor use the edit.

We’ll also offer a non-cash prize for the best ‘People’s choice’ one-day edit.

The one-day edit is for a video showing Tanah Marah. If you would like to participate, we’ll give you a digital copy of our logo for inclusion.

Other prizes

We’ll give a non-cash prize for Best Photo.

We’ll also have prizes for winners of the individual and team challenges as well as other random things we think of along the way.

If you’d like to bring a prize to award to a fellow Drone Wars Comrade, please feel free. We will name the award after you as though you’re a high-paying corporate sponsor – “The Jimmy Bloggs award for most spectacular landing is given to….”

Close to Margaret River Airport

Tanah Marah is about 3km from the  Margaret River Airport, which does not have a control tower.

We have spoken on the phone with staff from CASA and they have confirmed that it’s legal to fly a drone on any part of the property, so long as we keep an eye out for aircraft and land immediately if we see one.

As always when flying a drone, you need to take personal responsibility for your flights and ensure you know and abide by the rules.

If flying a DJI drone you’ll find the app requires you to apply for self-unlocking, which is a reasonably straightforward process.


You are responsible for the safety of your own drone.

There are some hazards to be aware of:
• A lake about 300m long and 100m wide
• Large trees
• Birds – the welcome swallows are extremely curious, and there are mountain ducks, ibis and other birds about the place.
• Other drones

Weather Clause

If we see the ‘storm of the century’ set to lash us all weekend, we would reschedule the event.

If it’s just normal Margaret River weather, we’d go ahead with the event. The weather is always changeable down south. One minute it can be raining cats and dogs, the next it’s fine and sunny. We just have to make the most of the breaks in the weather.

Things to bring

You would want an extension lead and a power board, because you’d have lots of things to charge and it can get pretty messy.

Tanah Marah is close to Margaret River airport
Tanah Marah from the air

Talk to us!

If you have any brilliant ideas and/or inside knowledge about how to run this event without a huge insurance cost, we’d love to talk with you. 

Tanah Marah Quality Accommodation in Margaret River



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